Adrian Bourgeois believes in you.  He is an old fashioned sort of artist in that the songs he writes are inspired by moss-covered monuments, soldiers with umbrellas, merry-go-rounds that come to life, and reading other peoples’ minds. He believes that music itself as a sound and an essence cannot change the world but music that is written about love and magic, water and fiction, war and childhood, can indeed change the world, as well as the ocean that moves the world and the tiny drops of water that create the ocean. This is why he believes in you. You are the ocean. Adrian Bourgeois believes in creating drops of water because even the ocean gets thirsty sometimes.

Adrian Bourgeois is a Los Angeles based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.  His music has been compared to the Beatles, Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Ben Folds, Simon & Garfunkel, Big Star, and Elliott Smith.  He has two albums out—a self titled debut and a sprawling homemade double album called “Pop/Art”.  He is a member of See How They Run alongside Houston-based singer/songwriter Paige Lewis and they have two ep’s out— “The Strength of Strings” and “A.M.”  Adrian has toured the US extensively and has performed on bills alongside the likes of Guster, Todd Rundgren, Richie Furay, Gaby Moreno, Madison Cunningham, Davíd Garza, KT Tunstall, Neon Trees, the Zac Brown Band, Jewel, David Johansen, and John Mayer.  His music was featured in the nationally distributed film “Mama Boy” (2016) and he has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  He was the winner of the 2007 international OurStage competition, the 2007 Sammie for best songwriter, and the 2010 Project Aloft Star.  He is currently at work on his third album, “The Charm”.

And he wrote this entire bio himself.  In third person.  What an ass.