SW Tour Diary #1- Free Coffee!

Although we've yet to leave Sacramento officially to start the tour, I've been taking steps to get into the true tour spirit for the past 24 hours.  The first thing I've made sure to do to really get that tour mindset going is to pack way too many things into not nearly enough time, something that a true tour warrior must be not only prepared to do but embrace as a lifestyle.  Last night, I was in top tour form by cramming into the final 8 hours of my awake time finishing two loads of laundry, turning in for a three hour work shift at Round Table, playing a forty minute set at Luna's, packing two weeks worth of clothes with the understanding that it may be that duration of time before I see a washing machine, and learning two hymns for the following morning's church service.  This morning has continued in that spirit by performing said church service (two of them), grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, cleaning out my car, packing the last couple of items, and writing a tour diary entry which you are reading now.  Yes siree if you truly want to learn how to live on the road, it is best to start practicing before you hit it.  The other thing I've done to prep for the voyage that is now upon is and in response to the four and a half hours of sleep I got last night and the eight hour drive ahead of me tonight, is to strategically find and consume as much free coffee as possible.  Coffee, like music, can be found at no cost if one knows where to look.  Church is a great place to start and I took full advantage of the community coffee dispenser by consuming four cups between services.  Thank you God!  When deciding whether to pick up a few last minute grocery items at Safeway or Trader Joe's, my choice became quite clear: Trader Joe's has free coffee!  So that was one more cup down.  Take that Starbucks.  Unfortunately, my plan for one last free cup at Jiffy Lube as I got my oil changed was thwarted as Jiffy Lube is closed on Sundays (and ironically and somewhat mockingly was located right next door to a Starbucks).

This tour is going to be extremely cathatic for me, methinks.  This past month has been extremely monumental for me in both good and bad ways.  I've seen some dreams on the verge of coming true and others on the verge of breaking.  It's been almost hard to know how to feel.  I purposely have filled this morning with listens through to Revolver and Pet Sounds and a large bowl of cereal just to remind me of the beauty that will always be there in my day to day life.  It's the simplest things that really show us that the most.  I think touring is the best thing I can be doing right now because it's something that is always in my hands to do.  No matter what opportunities may come my way or what forces my compell my life one way or another, my guitar, keyboard and I can always find a stage somewhere to perform on.  So this tour for me is about promises I can and will keep to myself.  Anyway, I look forward to sharing the journey with you all.  Here we go....!