1. Summertime

From the recording Adrian Bourgeois

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So farewell heart song
‘Cause hello seems wrong to say
When I’m already gone
Though these days will pass
Seems this night will last all day
Till life carries on

Now that I find I’ve been wasting your time
I’m trying my best not to use you
As summertime comes to an end

When the gold is won
But the day is done would you give
All your gold for that day again
When your childhood trust
Has begun to rust can you live
With less words to say

Now that you tell me I’m losing my mind
Then maybe I’ve only confused you
As summertime comes to an end

Now I’ve given everything I have to give
And I’m living everyday I have to live
But you try to tell me I told you I’d rather be wrong
Than to try not to love you
Well you’re wrong
But I’ll still try to love you
As long as we both shall live
As long as we have time to give

Was your one last wish
For one more wish
Just to keep you alive
When they told you life
Doesn’t happen twice
Could you feel the pull of the sky

Now that I’m finally taking my time
Then maybe I won’t have to lose you
As summertime comes to an end