Tour Diary # 1 (repost from Facebook April 8th, 2010)


Well, it was as I predicted that I don't think the fact of going on tour completely registered with me until about an hour after passing Arco Arena in Ricky's big white Town and Country it's seemingly endless capacity, like Mary Poppins's bag, filled to the highest degree possible. We had planned on leaving by 10am yesterday morning--no easy feat for couple of 22 year old's whose normal sleep schedule is 3am-3pm--but then Ricky called to tell me that her drivers license and ATM card had been stolen, an unfortunately timed event in a hard week full of unfortunate events for Ricky. Caitlin and I were packed by noon or so and then spent the rest of the beautiful spring day on my front porch learning harmonies (check out our version of a classic Neil Young song that I posted yesterday) and watching hummingbirds flutter their wings at seemingly a million miles per second hovering still in one spot. Ricky finally arrived around 6, emotionally drained and ready to crash in the back seat after a week of very little sleep. It was not the best foot to start the tour on, especially leaving at a time guaranteed to put us at our destination close to sunrise, but once we were on the road with Sam Cooke, Patsy Cline, the Kinks, and Tom Waits cheering us on from the car speakers, we couldn't help but be anything but exhilarated to be finally on our way to Portland on the first day of this tour we had been discussing and planning for so many months. It was my first time driving for ten hours straight but besides my hands feeling as though they had started growing roots into the steering wheel by about hour 5 or so, it really wasn't nearly as fatiguing as I had expected; I have a bit of a talent for staying up until 5am doing nothing but listen to music! We arrived at Ricky's uncle's house around 5:30 and that's about the last I remember before waking up on a futon in an upstairs room overlooking a shady rain drenched street around 1pm, ready to explore Portland. I may try to post something later, but I suppose it's about time I officially started my day...! :0)

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